Lot 10:  Laughlin Natasha A

Lot 10:  Laughlin Natasha A

Reg #:  MSCANF11805787      Born:  Feb 9th, 2016  (Springing Heifer)        Colour:  Red          Purity:  Purebred

PA LPI +1448 (Aug'18)  EBV:  -143M  +21F  +0.46%  +3P  +0.15%  +1 Conf  (32% rel.)
Due November 2nd, 2018 to Clarefield Mocha

Reserve Price:  $1500

Laughlin Natasha A

Laughlin Natasha A

Consignor:  Laughlin Farms, Kinburn, Ontario
Tel: (613) 832-3245    Email:  lennielaughlin@gmail.com

"Natasha" is a very correct springing heifer due in November to make high-component milk for you this fall and winter.  She is sired by component specialist Ace and her Plato dam is also good component producer in a low-input grazing herd.  Behind the Plato dam are four generations of VG or EX dam, going back to the Maple Inn Lady Nancy 2nd cow that was a former class winner at our National Show.  This cow family goes all the way back to Hauxwell and then Krause Farms breeding.  This purebred heifer would make a great addition for anyone needing milk later this year!

Sire:   Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace (CDN link)
B Jurist x Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P
+1756 LPI (Apr'18) EBV: +16M +47F +0.77% +12P +0.27% +2 Type (78% rel)

Dam:   Laughlin LP Nancy GP-81 (2-11) (CDN link)
Sired by Oceanbrae Logic's Plato
2-10  305d  5153M  198F  3.8%  168P  3.3%  BCA: 196-185-195
4-11  proj   6366M  278F  4.4%  209P  3.3%  BCA: 210-228-211

MGD:   Laughlin F Nicky VG-85 (4-2)
Sired by Lisnamulligan Fairway
3-1  305d  5844M  213F  3.6%  186P  3.2%  BCA: 220-197-214
4-1  305d  6305M  208F  3.3%  202P  3.3%  BCA: 217-178-213

3rd Dam:   Laughlin M Natalie VG-88 (4-10)
Sired by Clarefield Mocha

4th Dam:   Maple Inn Lady Nancy 5th VG-86 (3-6)
Sired by Kingsdale Libby's Rebel

5th Dam:   Maple Inn Lady Nancy 2nd EX-93-2E
Sired by Prairie-Pine WR's Ladysman
1st Four Year Old, National Show 2006
Junior Champion, Lindsay EX 2002

Same family: Maple Inn Lady Nancy EX-93