Lot 12: Richford Royalty Charlee

Lot 12:  Richford Roylty Charlee

Reg #:  MSCANF12912758       Born:  July 31st, 2017  (Summer Yearling)
Colour:  Red with White Markings         Purity:  83%

PA LPI +1702 (Aug'18)  EBV:  +140M  +29F  +0.37%  +6P  +0.06%  +6 Conf  (26% rel.)

Reserve Price:  $1250

Consignor:  Richford Farms and Oceanbrae Farms, St. Mary's, Ontario
Tel: (519) 349-2707    Email:  karenr@quadro.net

"Charlee" is an exciting consignment from one of the dominant cow families in Canada at the moment.  She is a fancy Royalty daughter out of Lady Grove A Christie VG-85, who was previously a high-seller at a National Sale.  She has sky-high components and a great udder, and comes from the Chardonnay family that dominates the LPI list.  She and 7 of her sisters are within the Top 25 LPI Cows in Canada, with Christie sitting at #11 in April 2018.  Chardonnay sits at #3 LPI and is the dam of Lady Grove Conrad at Semex.  This cow family has also been dominant in the USA, with a maternal sister to Chardonnay being World Dairy Expo Grand Champion in 2013 after being named Reserve Grand on 4 previous occasions.  Multiple private sires have been collected from this family south of the border, as the family has been breeding true for type and components!  This heifer has the potential to be a foundation cow for any herd in Canada...don't miss this opportunity!

Sire:   Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty (CDN link)
Ecuafarm Peri's Kaiser x Ecuafarm Koyote Reina
+1385 LPI (Aug'18)  EBV: +140M  +4F  -0.03%  +2P  -0.04%  +3 Type (51% rel)

16 classified CAN daughters:  1 EX 4 VG  7 GP  4 G

Dam:   Lady Grove A. Christie VG-88 (CDN link)
Sired by Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace
#11 LPI Cow in Canada (Apr'18)
+2022 LPI (Aug'18)  EBV: +139M +53F +0.77% +10P +0.15% +8 Type (51% rel)
2-0  305d  6115M  300F  4.9%  202P  3.3%  BCA: 260-313-262
3-5  305d  7768M  324F  4.2%  259P  3.3%  BCA: 288-297-294
Daughter:  Oceanbrae Ironman Crystal VG-85-2yr

MGD:   Lands-Brook Chardonnay-EXP VG-86 (2-5)
Sired by GMC Rebel Logic
6-6  305d  9474M  425F  4.5%  326P  3.4%  BCA: 310-348-326
Lifetime:  4 lact.  38,836M  1829F  4.7%  1358P  3.5%  BCA: 302-346-317
Five Star Brood Cow
#3 LPI Cow in Canada (Apr'18)
Has 8 daughters in the Top 25 LPI in Canada

3rd Dam:   Lands-Brook Christie EX-94-4E (USA)
Sired by Granduc Prophet
9-5  305d  12,273M  628F  5.1%  366P  3.0%
Lifetime:  5 lact.  68,190M  2953F  4.3%  2148P  3.2%
Dam of:  Lands-Brook Christina-EXP EX-96
2013 WDE Grand Champion and 4x WDE Reserve Grand Champion

Dam of Charlee

Mat. Sister of Charlee

Lands-Brook Christina-EXP EX-96

Lady Grove Conrad