Lot 6:  Babyburn Zumba Lady in Red

Lot 6:  Babyburn Zumba Lady in Red

Reg #:  MSCANF111107280       Born:  March 22nd, 2018  (Junior Calf)             Colour:  Red                Purity:  Purebred

PA LPI +1418 (Aug'18)  EBV:  +202M  +6F  -0.05%  +4P  -0.04%  +3 Conf  (29% rel.)

Reserve Price:  $1200

Babyburn Zumba Lady in Red

Babyburn Zumba Lady in Red

Consignor:  Bernard Plante, St-Bruno (Lac St-Jean), Quebec
Tel: (418) 719-5470    Email:  b.plante.conseils@gmail.com

"Lady in Red" is the daughter of a former National Sale consignment who has excelled for her new owners!  This stylish red Zumba calf is out of the newly minted All Time Milk Class Leader for Three Year Olds, producing over 12,000 kg of milk in her most recent completed lactation.  Lady in Red comes from the "Leigh" cow family from the Oceanbrae herd via Richford Farms, who purchased Oceanbrae Jurist Liza and who has now completed 8 lactations in the Richford herd.

This cow family has been productive in multiple herds across Canada and traces back to a former All Canadian "Plumchuck" cow who was a class winner at the RAWF and other Canadian shows.  An exciting pedigree brimming with potential!

Sire:   Mapleton Vly J Zumba (CDN link)
Mapletono Vly Rebel Julius x Mapleton Vly K Zsa Zsa
5 classified CAN daughters:  10 VG  45 GP  14 G
+1369 LPI (Aug'18)  EBV: +52M  +0F  -0.03%  -3P  -0.10%  +5 Type

Dam:   Richford Diamond Jack Lydia VG-85 (4-2) (CDN link)
Sired by Oceanbrae Diamond Jack
1-11  305d  2x  8597M  323F  3.8%  280P  3.3%  BCA: 371-344-373
3-1  305d  3x  12439M  486F  3.9%  393P  3.1%  BCA: 460-446-441
4-1  proj.  3x  10220M  384F  3.8%  339P  3.3%  BCA: 346-325-353
All Time Class Leader for Three Year Old - Milk

MGD:   Oceanbrae Jurist Liza GP-83 (2-8)
Sired by B Jurist
5-7  305d  10,003M  403F  4.0%  341P  3.4%  BCA: 309-315-322
Lifetime:  8 lact.  70,415M  2799M  4.0%  2380P  3.4%  BCA: 291-286-299

3rd Dam:   Oceanbrae Leigh Liz EX-93 (8-3)
Sired by Mericrest Outlaw
7-0  305d  9533M  348F  3.6%  309P  3.2%  BCA: 296-274-294
Lifetime:  6 lact.  46,458M  1485F  3.2%  1587P  3.4%  BCA: 259-209-271

4th Dam:   Sunnbro Lady Leigh EX-94-3E (7-2)
Sired by Meriville Plumchuck
6-11  305d  9263M  336F  3.6%  303P  3.3%  BCA: 284-258-283
Lifetime:  4 lact.  35,361M  1193F  3.4%  1180P  3.3%  BCA: 267-220-268
Four Star Brood Cow
Reserve All Canadian Mature Cow 1996
HM All Canadian Mature Cow 1997


Babyburn Zumba Lady in Red

4th Dam: Sunnbro Lady Leigh EX-93