Lot 9:  Lynmark St Clare Harmonica

Lot 9:  Lynmark St Clare Harmonica

Reg #:  MSCANF12870021      Born:  Sept 4th, 2017  (Senior Calf)             Colour:  Roan                Purity:  82%

PA LPI +1516 (Aug'18)  EBV:  +85M  +7F  +0.06%  +4P  +0.03%  +5 Conf  (16% rel.)

Reserve Price:  $3000

Lynmark St Clare Harmonica

Lynmark St Clare Harmonica

Consignor:  Lynmark Farms, Norwood, Ontario
Tel: (705) 639-1414    Email:  lynmark39@gmail.com

"Harmonica" is a full aged Senior Calf from a top-notch American cow family that Lynmark Farms has invested in.  Her dam is just finishing her first lactation with above average components and 84 points for mammary in first lactation.  The next dam is an import from the GMC Herd in New Hampshire, again with above average components and a VG-87 score.  The next three dams are all EX-92 with sky-high milk and component numbers and high index in the USA.  The 3rd Dam (Hailey) is the dam of Genex sire GMC Treble Hershey and the 4th dam (Harley) is the dam of Select Sires sire GMC Ace Hal, so you know this is an in-demand cow family on both sides of the border!

Sire:   Lynmark St Clare (CDN link)
Clarefield Mocha x Lynmark NS Clarica
+1465 LPI (Aug'18) EBV: +249M -3F -0.22% +5P -0.05% +5 Type (35% rel)

Dam:   GMC IOC Harmony GP-83 (2-4) (CDN link)
Sired by Innisfail O Connor EXP
+1520 LPI (Aug'18) EBV: -79M +16F +0.33% +25P +0.10% +4 Type (30% rel)
2-2 proj. 6224M  285F  4.6%  218P  3.5%  BCA: 261-291-279

MGD:   GMC Ace Hope VG-87 (5-2)
Sired by Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace
3-0  305d  6355M  287F  4.5%  222P  3.5%  BCA: 246-273-264
4-1  305d  6731M  297F  4.4%  233P  3.5%  BCA: 240-263-254
5-1  305d  7609M  333F  4.4%  270P  3.5%  BCA: 258-282-281
Lifetime:  3 lact.  21,395M  955F  4.5%  755P  3.5%  BCA: 248-273-266

3rd Dam:   GMC Fido Hailey EX-92-2E (USA)
Sired by Vinra Academy Fido
2-2  305d  8150M  395F  4.8%  256P  3.1%
4-1  305d  11,995M  561F  4.7%  347P  2.9%
5-10  305d  12,523M  589F  4.7%  368P  2.9%
Reserve Grand Champion, Northeast National Jr Show 2016
Reserve Junior All Amercan Aged Cow 2016
Dam of GMC Treble Hershey at Genex

4th Dam:   Spring Meadows Teds Harley EX-92 (USA)
Sired by Vinra Frost Ted
4-1  305d  11,732M  405F  3.5%  370P  3.1%
Lifetime:  5 lact.  62,654M  2554F  4.1%  2044P  3.3%
Reserve All American Spring Heifer Calf 2008
2nd Spring Heifer Calf, World Dairy Expo 2008
Dam of GMC Ace Hal at Select Sires

5th Dam:   Bar-D Harp EXP EX-92-2E (USA)
Sired by Vinra Peerless Frolic
7-3  305d  14,236M  645F  4.5%  461P  3.2%
Lifetime:  6 lact.  65,181M  3030F  4.6%  2213P  3.4%
Reserve Junior All American Winter Calf 2003

GMC Fido Hailey

Spring Meadows Ted Harley