Lot A: Zumba x Fleece Embryos

Lot A:  4 Zumba x Fleece Embryos

Consignor:  Lynmark Farms, Norwood, Ontario
Tel: (705) 639-1414    Email:  lynmark39@gmail.com

Reserve Price:  $300 per embryo.  Shipping extra.

This embryo package is an exciting opportunity to get 100% purebred Milking Shorthorn genetics with a modern pedigree.  Fleece was the 2012 Cow of the Year after being named Grand Champion at the National Show.  She has also produced over 9000 kgs in 305 days with above average component percentages, and now with more than 57,000 kgs of lifetime milk production.  The embryos are sired by Zumba, who has been producing impressive daughters on three continents.  Embryo progeny from Fleece are impressing in the UK, and Fleece has three Very Good daughters in the Lynmark herd.  These embryos are qualified for export around the world!

Sire:   Mapleton Vly J Zumba (CDN link)
Mapleton Vly Rebel Julius x Mapleton Vly K Zsa Zsa
+1369 LPI (Aug'18)  EBV: +52M  +0F  -0.03%  -3P  -0.10%  +5 Type
69 classified CAN daughters:  0 EX 10 VG 45 GP 14 G

Dam:   Lynmark Out Fleece EX-94-5E (9-9) (CDN link)
Sired by Mericrest Outlaw
+1100 LPI (Aug'18) EBV: -225M -10F 0.00% -3P +0.06% +4 Type (53% rel)
4-6  305d  9298M  479F  5.2%  308P  3.3%  BCA: 307-396-311
Lifetime:  7 lact.  57,736M  2501F  4.3%  1973P  3.4%  BCA: 259-278-265
CMSS Cow of the Year 2012
1st Four Year Old and Grand Champion, National Show 2012
1st Mature Cow and Reserve Grand Champion, National Show 2013
1st Mature Cow, National Show 2014
Three VG daughters by three different sires

MGD:   Lynmark Knit 1 EX-90-5E (10-7)
Sired by Wildwood Nell's Prestige
7-7  305d.  5784M  208F  3.6%  185P  3.2%  BCA: 179-160-175
Lifetime:  9 lact.  42,625M  1524F  3.6%  1396P  3.3%  BCA: 159-141-160
One Star Brood Cow

3rd Dam:   Fieldcrest Rubin Pearl EX-92-8E (14-7)
Sired by Pinehurst Rubin 7th
14-4  223d  5043M  203F  4.0%  153P  3.0%  BCA: 170-178-157
Lifetime:  11 lact.  36,931M  1420F  3.9%  1326P  3.6%  BCA: 115-113-127
Five Star Brood Cow
Grand Champion, Lindsay Exhibition 2001
Grand Champion, Peterborough EX 1999
5 Excellent daughters
Next 3 dams:  VG | VG | EX

Lynmark Out Fleece EX-94-5E