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Welcome to the CMSS Online Sale Barn.  We will be posting a small group of animals for sale from Canadian breeders at the first of each month.  Posts will last a month and then will be refreshed with new postings.

The price listed is the sale price of the animal.  The first prospective buyer to match that price and agree to conditions will be the buyer of the animal.  Inquiries should be directed to Ryan Barrett (Secretary-Manager) at or (902) 892-6551.

Updated November 11th, 2020

Oceanbrae Lass BallerinaMSCANF40011681
Owner:  Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PEI
born December 1st, 2019       91% purity
Sells Open
Entered in the 2020 Virtual National Show
Sire:   Oceanbrae Royal Bentley
+1705 LPI (0820)  EBV: +225M  +21F  +0.18%  +7P  +0.01%  +4 Conf
Oceanbrae Lass Annalee GP-82 (2-9)
2-1  proj.  6695M  270F  4.0%  222P  3.3%  BCA: 276-273-281
by Koopycrest Logic Ali Andrew (Logic x Mocha Apple)

MGD:  Oceanbrae Lass Portia G-77 (2-7)
2-4  305d  7817M  355F  4.5%  259P  3.3%  BCA: 312-348-316
by Oceanbrae Pierce

3rd D: Oceanbrae Lass Maureen VG-85 (3-7)
2-0  305d  7444M  279F  3.8%  243P  3.3%  BCA: 336-307-338
3-0  305d  8036M  334F  4.2%  277P  3.5%  BCA: 310-318-326
4-1  305d  9425M  388F  4.1%  320P  3.4%  BCA: 332-340-344

“Ballerina” is a full-aged Intermediate Calf with lovely roan colour from our Lass cow family.  She is one of our older Bentley daughters, who we feel are very dairy and correct with great feet & legs.  Her dam is just finishing first lactation and we feel she is a bit underscored at 82 points.  

Sale conditions:  seller will work with the buyer to arrange transportation when available and economical.  Payment in full is required before transportation.

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Owner:  Prosperous Acres Inc, Dashwood, Ontario

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