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Welcome to the CMSS Online Sale Barn.  We will be posting a small group of animals for sale from Canadian breeders at the first of each month.  Posts will last a month and then will be refreshed with new postings.

The price listed is the sale price of the animal.  The first prospective buyer to match that price and agree to conditions will be the buyer of the animal.  Inquiries should be directed to Ryan Barrett (Secretary-Manager) at or (902) 892-6551.

Updated December 8th, 2020

Breeding Age Bull:  Lynmark St Francis
Owner:  Richford Farms, St. Marys, Ontario
Born April 2018.  Has a number of progeny on the ground already.
100% purebred bull

Sire:  Lynmark St Clare
+1641 LPI (12/20)  EBV:  +172M  +0F  -0.11%  +4P  -0.01%  +9 Conf  +11 Mammary
Dam: Lynmark Out Fleece EX-94-5E (9-9)
4-6  305  9298M  479F  5.2%  308P  3.3%  BCA: 307-396-311
Lifetime:  7 lact.  57,736M  2501F  4.3%  1973P  3.4%  BCA: 259-278-265
Grand Champion, 2012 National Show
Reserve Grand Champion, 2013 National Show

MGD:  Lynmark Knit 1 EX-90-5E (10-7)
3rd D:  Fieldcrest Rubin Pearl EX-92-8E (14-7)
Next 5 gen VG or EX

Sale conditions:  sale price does not include shipping cost.  Seller will assist in making shipping arrangements.

Lynmark St Francis Daughter of St Francis



4 Embryos:  Tribute x Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger
Owner:  Oceanbrae Farms, Miscouche, PEI
Sells as package of 4 embryos. If interested in more than 4 embryos, contact for details.
Sire of embryos:  Ovensdale Jenny’s Tribute
New release Australian sire backed by multiple generations of high lifetime production, high type cows.
Dam of Embryos:  Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger EX-91-2E (6-0)
+1900 LPI (12/20)  EBV:  -78M  +29F  +0.52%  +13P  +0.35%  +6 Conf
4-7  305d  9366M  456F  4.9%  352P  3.8%  BCA: 300-368-345
5-7  305d  8141M  404F  5.0%  306P  3.8%  BCA: 251-316-289
6-7  305d  10037M  510F  5.1%  394P  3.9%  BCA: 303-392-365
Lifetime:  5 lact.  42,523M  5.0%F  3.8%P BCA: 285-359-333
Reserve Grand Champion, National Show 2015
Reserve Grand Champion, Virtual National Show 2020
MGD:  Oceanbrae POD Nutmeg VG-85 (2-5)
3-1  305d  10864M  394F  3.6%  347P  3.2%  BCA: 396-352-390 (SPA)
4-3  305d  10547M  377F  3.6%  341P  3.2%  BCA: 344-309-341
Lifetime Production Award Level 1

3rd D: Oceanbrae Cinnamon EX-90-4E (8-6)
7-0  305d  9826M  396F  4.0%  343P  3.4%  BCA: 301-305-307
Liftetime:  7 lact:  59453M  3.8%F  3.4%P  BCA: 304-278-315

“Ginger” is a breed-leader for fat and protein percentages, along with strong milk production and correct type.  Embryos are sired by new release Australian sire Ovensdale Jenny’s Tribute, providing a very outcross pedigree with tremendous potential.

Sale conditions:  sale price does not include shipping cost.  Seller will assist in making shipping arrangements.  Embryos are eligible for export to most countries.

Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger – 2 years old Oceanbrae Ironman Ginger – 7 years old

Heifers of various ages Contact for more info
Owner:  Prosperous Acres Inc, Dashwood, Ontario

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