Available Sires

A number of Artificial Insemination Units with representatives in Canada have semen available from Milking Shorthorn sires.
Information on available sires will be added as they are brought to the attention of the Society.

Click the link under “Proven Status” to access a sire’s proof or pedigree info.


Semex Alliance (www.semex.com)

Name Purity Sire Stack Country Proven Status
Koopycrest Anecdote-P 86.6% Ironman-P x Logic CAN CAN proven
Lady Grove Conrad 81.3% Ace x Logic CAN CAN proven
Lynmark St Clare 90.7% Mocha x Storm Ruler CAN CAN proven
Mapleton Vly J Zumba 100% Julius x Koyote USA CAN proven
Oceanbrae Ironman-P 80.3% Adam-P x S Thor CAN CAN proven
Oceanbrae Royal Bentley  86.4% Royalty x Jurist CAN Young Sire
Oceanbrae Foster 77.9% Pingerly x Logic CAN Young Sire
Richford Icon 75.3% Patriot x Ironman-P CAN Young Sire

Semex Sire Catalogue (updated after each proof round)

Select Sires Genervations (www.selectsiresgenervations.com)

Name Purity Sire Stack Country Proven Status
GI2 Gold Mine MD Justice 46.1% Megadeth x Destry (HO) USA USA Proven
GE Gold Mine Presto Gianni 51.5%  Presto x Destry (HO) USA Young Sire
Gold Mine RG Bender EXP 65.3% Galileo x St Clare USA Young Sire
Lands-Brook Comanche 91.4% Zumba x Rebel Julius USA Young Sire

ST Genetics Canada (www.stgen.ca)

Name Purity Sire Stack Country Proven Status
Cor-Bloo Ricochet  77.8% Showtime x Rebel 9th USA Young Sire
Rovin Ali Cowboy Cody-P EXP 61.8% Cowboy-P x Clay USA Young Sire

Genex CRI Canada (www.genexcanada.ca)

Name Purity Sire Stack Country Proven Status
Echo Farm Ted McCoy 86.4% Ted x Frolic USA USA Proven
GMC Treble Hershey EXP 68.1% Treble x Fido USA Young Sire
Kundes Golden Badg Fantasy   66.4% Badger x Kourt USA Young Sire
Rocking WS Kourts Fredrick 76.6% Kourt x Outlaw USA USA Proven