August 2018 Genetic Evaluation Notes

A few notes from today’s August 2018 Genetic Evaluations release here in Canada:


CMSS Syndicates sire Lady Grove Conrad gets his first official LPI this round, and he debuts at #3 LPI at +1897.  His EBVs are +293M +34F +0.34% +12P +0.10% +7 Conf 2.85 SCS.  From seeing daughters and getting feedback from producers, these numbers align reasonably well with what I’ve been hearing.  When making matings, Conrad should perhaps be protected for feet and legs as well as stature.  However, udder scores are generally an improvement on dam and his milk production and conformation are an improvement on his sire, Jurist Ace.  Conrad is available from Semex.

Making a big move up the list this round is Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty, rising to #8 LPI at +1385.  Royalty’s production proof is only at 51% reliability yet, and his type proof is only at 44% reliability, so expect these numbers to change.  That being said, his Canadian proof is starting to more closely resemble his US proof on the production side (+140M), while his type proof (at +3) is still be weighed down a bit by a parent average based on no Canadian data.  I would expect this conformation proof to improve as more daughters are classified, based on feedback from breeders.

The current Top 10 LPI bulls are (bold have available semen):

  1. Treeton Pingerly +2166 (Semex)
  2. B Jurist +2074
  3. Lady Grove Conrad +1897 (Semex)
  4. Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace +1756 (Select)
  5. Oceanbrae Ironman-P +1728 (Semex)
  6. GMC Rebel Logic +1675 (ST-Taurus)
  7. Clarefield Mocha +1506 (Semex)
  8. Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty +1385 (ST-Taurus)
  9. Mapleton Vly J Zumba +1369 (Semex)
  10. Oceanbrae Idol +1366

On the MACE list of available sires, the top sires are:

  1. GE Gold Mine RT Badger +1621
  2. GE Kulp-Gen PJ Cowboy +1455
  3. SAK Kourt Taser +1454
  4. GMC Ace Hal +1307
  5. Echo Farm Ted McCoy +1289

Please note that these MACE evaluations do not include type information at this point.


There isn’t much change at the top of the LPI Cow rankings this round, with the Chardonnay family continuing to dominate the top of the list.  Lady Grove BJ Cherry gains 140 points this round to jump to #4 LPI, just behind her dam.

New cows debuting in the top 50 LPI this round include:

  • Lady Grove Cody Celeste at #21 (Cody-P x Chardonnay)
  • Lady Grove Mocha Cecily at #28 and #2 Conf (Mocha x Chardonnay)
  • Richford Ironman Els at #28 and #3 Milk (Ironman x Diamond Jack)
  • Lady Grove TP Alice 22 at #35 (Pingerly x Mocha)
  • Serol Pingerly Zazmato at #41 (Pingerly x Zumba)


The top 5 LPI heifers this round are:

  1. Lady Grove TP Chantelle +2238
  2. Lady Grove Anec Capri +2072
  3. Oceanbrae Pingerly Berry +2022
  4. Oceanbrae TP Lauren +1992
  5. Oceanbrae KA Sapphire +1948

Of note, a couple of National Sale consignments are on the Top 50 list, including:

  • #39 Richford Roylty Charlee +1702
  • #48 Oceanbrae Royal Faith +1660

Full listings are available online at