December 2018 Genetic Evaluations – Highlights

Hello Milking Shorthorn breeders,
Here are a few highlights from the December 2018 Genetic Evaluations, released today.
  • Treeton Pingerly continues to dominate the list at #1 LPI (+2320), more than 250 points ahead of the #2 bull, B Jurist.

  • There was no change in the ranking of the top 5 bulls this round, with Lady Grove Conrad at #3 (+1765), Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace at #4 (+1720) and Oceanbrae Ironman-P at #5 (+1663)

  • There were no newly proven bulls getting an official LPI this round.  Springville Logic Premium does get an official type proof this round, debuting at +8 Conformation at 44% reliability.

  • There weren’t many large changes in proof or ranking on the sire LPI list this round.
    #1 Milk:  Treeton Pingerly +1022
    #1 Fat:  Kulp-Gen Logic Adventure +49
    #1 Protein:  Treeton Pingerly +29
    #1 Conf:  Treeton Pingerly +14

  • On the MACE List, the top available sires are:
    1.  GE Gold Mine RT Badger +1634
    2.  GE Kulp-Gen PJ Cowboy +1499
    3.  SAK Kourt Taser-EXP +1448
    4.  Echo Farm Ted McCoy +1333
    5.  GMC Ace Hal +1240
    6.  North Stars Famous Patriot EXP +1187
    7.  Springville Logic Premium +1128
    8.  Blissful Ted’s Spurgeon +1086
    9.  Rocking WS Kourts Fredrick +1006
    10.  Zenas Kourt Zippo +947Note:  MACE proofs in Canada do not include conformation information.
  • The top 5 LPI Cows are:
    1.  Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel EXP +2369
    2.  Lady Grove TP Lady Nancy 8 +2343
    3.  Lady Grove BJ Charm +2341
    4.  Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty +2318
    5.  Lands-Brook Chardonnay EXP +2294

  • Angel continues to be the #1 cow for fat and protein kgs, while Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn is #1 for milk at +1289.

  • The highest debuting cows on the LPI list this round are Serol Pingerly Marielle at +1791 (#54) and Oceanbrae Ironman Crystal at +1789 (#55)
Heifers and Herds:
  • Not surprisingly, daughters of Pingerly dominate the top of the Heifer PA LPI list.  Four Pingerly daughters from Oceanbrae Farms take the top four spots, followed by Lady Grove Anec Capri (by Koopycrest Anecdote-P) at #5.

  • Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns jumps to #1 LPI herd this round at +1580, just ahead of Oceanbrae Farms at +1571.  They are followed by Prinsville Dairy Farms, Richford Farms, and Onaknoll Farms.