Overage Moratorium Extended to Mar 1/2021

Hello Milking Shorthorn breeders,
A brief message to inform you that the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society Board of Directors has decided to extend the over-age registration moratorium announced previously this year to March 1st, 2021.

2020 has been a difficult and busy year for many of our members and a number of producers indicated that they are trying to catch up on registration applications  but have not yet completed that process.  In an effort to maximize the number of Milking Shorthorns registered, the Board has agreed to extend the deadline (which had expired on December 1st) to March 1st, 2021.  Under this moratorium, animals older than 6 months of age at the time of registration will be registered at the 3 to 6 months of age fee for animals over 50% purity.  For animals 50% purity or lower, there are no over-age registration fees.

I would encourage all breeders to get caught up on registrations before the end of 2020 so that we can establish strong numbers for the Society as well as taking advantage of this opportunity to catch-up with reduced fees.  If you need assistance in any way, please reach out to myself or our registrar at Holstein Canada, Janine Eygenraam at jeygenraam@holstein.ca.

Having your animals registered is the least expensive investment you can make to add value to your herd.  It pays to keep your registrations up-to-date in order to participate in breed improvement programs, traceability, and selling replacement animals.