Highlights from April 2019 Genetic Evaluations

Here are some quick highlights from the April 2019 genetic evaluations for the Milking Shorthorn breed.  As always, full reports and evaluations are available at www.cdn.ca.

This round features the annual base change in genetic evaluations, which accounts for the average level of genetic improvement in the breed.  Milking Shorthorns saw the largest base change adjustment in conformation and fat production, as those were the traits that saw the most improvement across the breed.  However, LPI values remain relatively unchanged from round to round, but you may see differences in the levels of individual traits.

The CMSS Board also approved some minor changes to the LPI formula this year, in concert with changes being made to other breeds.   Starting this round, fat and protein are now weighted equally in the production component of LPI, where previously it was 40:60 in favour of protein.  Also, the Board approved increasing the weighting for the production component by two points so it is now worth 56% of LPI.  Durability is worth 30%, while Health and Fertility is worth 14%.  A full breakdown of LPI is available here.

Proven Sires:
  • The top 5 sires remains the same ranking as last round, with Treeton Pingerly leading the way at +2236, followed by B Jurist (+2055), Lady Grove Conrad (+1857), Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace (+1756) and Oceanbrae Ironman-P (+1716).
  • Lady Grove Conrad increased by 92 LPI points this round, now sitting at +1857.   He is +163M  +28F  +0.36%F +10P +0.13%P +7 Conf at 67% reliability now that he has 32 daughters in his production proof (24 in type proof).  Conrad improves over his sire (Ace) on both milk production and type, but gives up a little bit of component percentages compared with Ace. 
  • Oceanbrae Ironman-P’s proof also strengthens slightly this round, and he sits at #5 LPI.  He continues to be strong for components (+0.39%F and +0.20%P) while also being +7 Conformation. 
  • The US sire Springville Logic Premium gets an official Canadian proof this round, debuting at #7 LPI (+1532) with 56% reliability.  His EBVs are +55M +5F +0.04% -1P -0.07%P +8 Conformation.  It should be noted that his Canadian production figures exceed his US proof, so that change as he add additional daughters/lactations.  His type profile is relatively balanced (like his sire Logic), with particular strengths for fore udder attachment, foot angle/heel depth, and loin strength.  Possibly protect for rear leg side view and rump angle.  Limited supplies of Premium are available from Select Sires. 
  • CMSS Syndicates/Semex sire Lynmark St Clare gets his first proof for production, but does not yet have enough daughters to receive a type proof.  His EBVs (at 64% reliability) are +175M +3F -0.07% +3P -0.03% with at 110 rating for SCC.  Hopefully he will get a type proof by next round (August), when he will also add more daughters with production.  So far, his EBVs track relatively closely to his parent average. 
  • Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty also has a proof that continues to strengthen, thought it still tracks lower than his American proof.  He is now #8 LPI (+1457) with +161M +8F +0.01% +4P -0.01% and +3 Conf.  It appears that Royalty adds refinement and dairyness in most cases.
Cow LPI:
  • Not much changes on the Cow LPI list this round.  Most of the same cows have dominated the top of the list for a few rounds.  The #1 active cow on the list is Lady Grove TP Courtney (#4 overall) at +2291.  Cow owned by the Lady Grove herd in Manitoba sit in 8 of the top 10 spots, with 3 of these cows still active in the herd. 
  • The highest ranking new cow on the list this round is Prinsville Bolero Fiona at #44 (+1849).  She is sired by Rovin Bolero (Liriano x Logic) out of #10 LPI cow Prinsville TP Fiona.  Also new this round at #77 is Headacher St Clare Doona (+1721), the first St Clare daughter to show up on the Top 100 LPI Cow list.
Heifers and Herds:
  • The PA LPI Heifer list is led by three Pingerly daughters from Oceanbrae Farms, followed closely by an Anecdote daughter and an Ironman daughter from Lady Grove Farms.  There is more diversity of sires represented on the LPI heifer list now, since the addition of MACE evaluations for US sires. 
  • Lady Grove Milking Shorthorns from Manitoba is the #1 LPI herd, followed closely by Oceanbrae Farms in PEI. The rest of the top 5 herds are Richford Farms, Prinsville Dairy Farms, and Onaknoll Milking Shorthorns, all from Ontario.
MACE proofs:

The MACE list continues to feature mostly NZ and US bulls, many of which are unavailable in Canada.  In ranking those that are available or that have daughters in Canada:

1. GE Gold Mine Badger +1694:   +442M  +33F  +0.23%  +20P  +0.08%  105 SCC

2. GE Kulp-Gen PJ Cowboy +1503:   +304M  +13F  +0.01%  +11P  +0.01%  107 SCC

3. SAK Kourt Taser-EXP +1459:  +480M  +22F  +0.04%  +10P  -0.09%  100 SCC

4. Rovin Bolero EXP  +1411:   +160M  +13F  +0.10%  +5P  0.00%  98 SCC

5. Echo Farm Ted McCoy +1340:  +411M  +4F  -0.18%  +14P  +0.01%  103 SCC

I will share relevant proof info from other countries later this week if there are new sire proofs to report.