New Canadian Production Champions Crowned in the Milking Shorthorn Breed

In recent months, we have seen a number of Milking Shorthorn cows establish new All-Time records for milk, fat or protein production by age group.  This is indicative of the continuing genetic improvement we are seeing in the Milking Shorthorn breed and a testament to the breeding and management of their owners.

Recently setting a new Yearling All Time 305 day record for Milk and Protein is Koopycrest Royalty Ali Ashlyn GP-84, bred and owned by Shawn Koopmans of Picton, Ontario.  Calving at 1 year and 10 month, Ashlyn produced 10,671 kg milk, 447 kg fat (4.2%) and 3.1% protein (3.1%) in 305 days, with BCAs of 484-497-457.  Ashlyn also is now #2 all-time in her age class for fat production.  Ashlyn is sired by the American sire Ecuafarm Kaiser Royalty and is out of Koopycrest P Per Ali Ariel VG-85, who was the previous record holder for milk in the Yearling age category!

Establishing a new Three Year Old All Time 305 day record for Milk is Richford Diamond Jack Lydia VG-85.  Lydia was bred by Don Richardson of St. Marys, Ontario and is owned by Bernard Plante of St-Bruno, Quebec.  Calving at 3 years and 1 month, Lydia produced 12,439 kg milk, 486 kg fat (3.9%), and 388 kg protein (3.1%) in 305 days with BCAs of 460-446-441.  Lydia also now ranks #2 all time protein among Three Year Olds.  Lydia is sired by Semex sire Oceanbrae Diamond Jack and out of Oceanbrae Jurist Liza GP-83, a high producing cow for the Richford herd.

Eclipsing Lydia for 305 day protein in the Three Year Old age group is Richford Pingerly Saffron VG-86-2y, bred by Don Richardson of St. Marys, Ontario and owned by Oceanbrae Farms of Miscouche, Prince Edward Island.  Saffron recently completed a 305 day record after calving at 3 years and 4 months where she produced 393 kg protein to set this new record.  She also produced 11,400 kgs of milk with BCAs of 411-328-432.  Saffron is sired by #1 LPI sire Treeton Pingerly, an Australian Illawarra from Semex. 

The top three placings for All-Time protein production by a Three Year Old are all new, with Saffron and Lydia just barely topping Serol Dutch Abrielle VG-85, who produced 380 kg protein in 305 days.  Calving at 3 years and 2 months, Abrielle produced 11,349 kg milk, 451 kg fat (4.0%) and 380 kg protein (3.4%) with BCAs of 431-421-442.  She was bred by Ferme Serol of Roxton Falls, Quebec and was purchased in their 2016 dispersal sale by Ferme Britannia SENC of St-Valerian, Quebec.

Setting a new All Time Record for 305d Milk by a Five Year Old is Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn VG-87.  Calving at 5 years and 8 months, Jocelyn produced 12,454 kg milk, 415 kg fat (3.3%) and 383 kgs protein (3.1%) with BCAs of 401-335-379.  Jocelyn is bred and owned by Oceanbrae Farms of Miscouche, Prince Edward Island and is sired by Treeton Pingerly.  Jocelyn is also now #3 all time for protein by Five Year Olds.

Finally, the breed also has a new All Time Leader for 305d Protein by a Five Year Old.  This title now belongs to Koopycrest Logic Ali Anne VG-87, bred and owned by Shawn Koopmans of Picton, Ontario.  Calving at 5 years 11 months, Anne produced a 305 day record of 11,962 kg milk, 524 kg fat (4.4%) and 390 kg protein (3.3%) with BCAs of 370-406-372.  Anne is sired by the well-known US sire GMC Rebel Logic, and she is the dam of current Semex young sire Koopycrest Anecdote-P.

Congratulations to the breeders and owners of these breed leading cows that showcase the production potential of modern Canadian Milking Shorthorns, combined with the fertility, durability, and longevity that the breed is known for.