Two Programs Available to Introduce Milking Shorthorns to Your Herd!

In addition to the Society’s already successful Embryo Expansion Program, the CMSS is launching a new program called the Shorthorn Heifer Incentive Program (SHIP), aimed at 4-H members or herds interested in purchasing a Milking Shorthorn calf.

Successful applicants to the SHIP program will receive $250.00 toward the purchase of a registered Milking Shorthorn heifer based on how they meet certain criteria, including whether the calf will be used as a 4-H project animal and whether the heifer will eventually be in a milk recorded and classified herd.  Priority will be given to applicants who are new to the Milking Shorthorn breed.  The subsidy will be paid to the successful applicant after the heifer has been transferred to their ownership. 

Application deadline for 2024: June 30th, 2024.  Calves already purchased will have to be assessed for eligibility by the CMSS office.

Shorthorn Heifer Incentive Program Application Form (PDF)

In addition, the Society continues to offer the Embryo Expansion Program (EEP).  In this program, successful applicants are able to purchase up to four (4) embryos from top Canadian Milking Shorthorn herds at a subsidized rate ($200 per embryo price reduction), in addition to getting a free one-year membership to the CMSS and 5 doses of conventional semen on a future CMSS Syndicates/Semex sire.  Applicants will be selected based primarily on their interest in the Milking Shorthorn breed and their participation in breed improvement programs.  Priority will be given to herds that have never had Milking Shorthorns or herds relatively new to the breed.

Application deadline for 2024:  June 30th, 2024

Embryo Expansion Program Application Form (PDF)